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Sakrid De-Mystifies the Clean Beauty Movment

by Natalie Elliott |

With rising consumer interest in clean beauty, there is a healthy debate emerging on what the term actually is and more importantly, what it is not. 

Many brands that rely upon the synthetic ingredients that clean beauty avoids, try to suggest that clean beauty disregards science.  Actually, clean beauty the movement is rising out of the advancement in cosmetic science and our evolved knowledge of ingredient behaviour and the effects upon our bodies.  It isn't science or not science. It is all science.

Both approaches to formulation use science backed evidence and both perform rigorous testing to ensure safety and performance.  Clean Beauty is simply a choice to use only naturally derived and organic ingredients and to avoid ingredients that are questionable or known to be harmful to human health and wellbeing.

At Sakrid we work with talented scientists that share our belief that nature provides.  Their work is no less valuable.  In fact, we believe the knowledge they are offering clean beauty companies such as Sakrid and Goop is driving clarity, choice and change within the industry.

There is the need for clear and transparent communication within the industry as it has regularly let consumers down through its use of complicated language and misleading marketing techniques.  What is important is that a definition for clean beauty is firmly set and that brands that do not conform to these factors are not able to market themselves as ‘clean’.  Then it simply comes down to consumer choice.

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