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Cleanse & Revive in 2021

Cleanse & Revive in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the toughest years we have ever jointly experienced as a collective.  The loss of life, connection to loved ones, freedom and even lifestyle hit us all hard.  But in all the chaos and confusion, we found new perspectives on life.  We collectively agreed that life would never be the same again…but for the good as much as the bad. 

Now, as 2021 dawns, so do we.  Rising into this new year, we all have a choice to carry the good forward from 2020.  Let’s begin with a shake down: cleanse & revive your mind, body, and soul. 

Cleanse & Revive:  a new mantra for the year ahead.

So, here are my 5 tips to shake off 2020 and get back into your groove for 2021!  

  1. Share & Connect with Nature:

This sounds like an odd one to start, but it really has the most fantastic effect on your mental health and state of mind! 

Share memories, stories from back in the day, old photos, new finds, life hacks, recipes, old knowledge…Take the good from the past and present and pass it on to the future. My quest to bring Sakrid to life has given me the wonderful opportunity to delve into ancient self-care recipes.  And what I have discovered is more than just a solution to a modern-day issue; I have discovered a connection with nature that once was the norm.  This is not exclusive to self-care.  This is true of most areas of our lives: from food and farming, to medicine and wellbeing.  Our most primitive knowledge hosts an intimate understanding of our planet.  And when you feel this deep connection to nature and the world around you, you make better life choices as you have greater ownership of your decisions and how they affect your world.  It’s easy to take the simple route of convenience.  We all live busy lives.  The old ways may take a little longer, or require a bit more effort, but they will most definitely give you a deeper sense of satisfaction.  And passing this knowledge forward is so important, so it is never lost. 

  1. Eat Well:

    Most of us spent a good part of 2020 overindulging because hey, who wanted to be stuck at home for 3 months! Good food and drink became a way of escaping the craziness.  And then we ended the year with the seasonal festive gobble and what do we have now?  Bodies that are screaming out for a bit of TLC.  It’s not at all surprising that I receive many emails requesting advice from individuals that are experiencing rashes, digestion issues or immune related concerns at the moment.  If we haven’t been taking care of our gut-health, then this starts to manifest in physical issues eventually.  As well as pro-biotic supplements, eating clean, raw, and plant-based foods are the quickest way to help you gut health to get back on track.  And good gut health is such a positive step towards sound mental and emotional health and well-being.  If you haven’t tried eating plant-based meals yet, have a go at swapping out one or two of your normal meat or fish-based meals every week for a plant-based option.  You’ll soon feel the benefits on your physical health, as well as your wallet!  I eat a plant-based diet not just for the health, wellbeing, and moral aspects (we are truly animal lovers in our home!). Nick and I are both firm advocates of reducing global meat consumption to fight the negative effects of climate change:  

“The single most devastating factor that affects global warming and our environment is caused by what you eat.” Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander.

If this statement has moved you to want to learn more about the devastating affects of meat consumption and its relationship to our environment, I highly recommend the next book you read is: Comfortably Unaware, by Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander.  I have no doubt that many of you will be moved to action. 

  1. Cleanse your self-care routine:

You all know how passionate I am about reducing-down exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.  But the quest for toxin-free living can be a daunting task!  We are immersed in potentially harmful chemicals every day.  They are found in our household cleaning products, self-care products, children’s toys, fabrics and textiles, cosmetics…literally everywhere.  Where on earth do you start?!  My advice is always, take small steps by making little changes to your routine through your product choices.  

And we have made self-care an easy first step.  Our first 6 products were not chosen by chance!  We thought about how we as a brand, could help support people like you who want to cleanse and revive your self-care routine.  So, if you have been following our brand on social media, I gently urge you to take the leap and try our products out!  Try one or two products and you will realise instantly what we are shouting about.  Harmful chemicals and toxins have no place on our sacred bodies. 

  1. Ritualise your workout (make it you time):

During lockdown, thanks to the enormous effort from the likes of Joe Wicks, many of us engaged with exercise as a way of lifting our spirits and not letting more time at home mean more time on the couch!  But more importantly, this daily exercise gave us routine from which to pivot our whole day.  Exercise was no longer a chore, but a necessity!  The main reason for this (I believe), was that it wasn’t just about the exercise…it was the ritual.  It was ‘me’ time.  It gave you an hour of clear thoughts: no work, no household chores, no home schooling.  Time to just ‘be’.  

In 2021, your daily workout doesn’t just have to be an hour of sweating.  Getting your heart rate up is important.  But so is time for you to reflect and find inner peace.  To stop everything for a set period and go with your own flow.  It could be a walk in the fresh air.  Or a yoga and meditation mix.    The most important thing is to keep this ritual going!  Make sure you have planned your ‘you time workout’ into every day! 

  1. Imagine the possibilities!

    A good friend and sound businessman recently made a statement about 2021 that really moved me. When asked how he was feeling about the impending approach of 2021, considering what occurred during 2020, he replied:

“Imagine the Possibilities!”

And he is so utterly right!  Rather than look back on 2020 with a gloomy sentiment, why not recognise all the good that has risen from it and what we can choose for our lives in 2021!  2021 is the year of choice. 

In 2021 we get to start from a blank slate and make choices about our lives that will allow us to create exactly the life we want for ourselves.

Is it a change of career or an opportunity to retrain in a new avenue?  Is it to become vegan or vegetarian? Is it to detox your self-care routine? Is it to become more active and place personal fitness at the forefront? 

This week, get thinking, plan and make it happen!


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