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Conscious Business

Conscious Business

We make good products, using good ingredients, that are good for you and good for our planet. All good things - We are Sakrid.

Part of our mission when we first started out was to share our thinking and our dreams with you all.  This is an integral part of what Sakrid is at its core.  

It all started with noticing that we are becoming increasingly conscious. About our wellbeing. Our food. Our planet. Our mental health. Our impact on our environment and our communities.

However, so many of us are comfortably unaware of the amount of potentially harmful chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to everyday, through our self-care products.  We realised a certain amount of education that would be required.  To highlight the issue, break it down and provide a remarkable solution. 

“I am a woman who does not want to compromise on how I want to look.  I want to wear make-up and pamper my body.  I’m also a mum, with the weight of the responsibility of the products I choose for my family.”

We wanted to create self-care products that eliminated any potential harm but that also outperformed and exceeded traditional self-care brands.  I wasn’t willing to compromise on performance.  But I also wasn’t willing to compromise on mine or my family’s health and wellbeing any longer.

Much like we have just one planet, we have just one body in this lifetime. And it truly is sacred. And we should treat ourselves better.  Because we really matter. My family do. I do. And you do too.

We have just one planet…

For years as a family, me and Nick have been trying to reduce-down any negative social and environmental impact our choices and actions may have upon the world around us.  Now we wondered how we could encourage this to flow through Sakrid and into our business and brand choices. 

The magic of our how…

The solution is simple and can be put like this: We lovingly make careful, soulful and fair choices about how our products are made, packaged and delivered. We are honest about every single ingredient used in their production.  We work with suppliers that minimise their impact on ours and their environment, that treat their employees well and reward them with a good living wage. We ask the best scientists, ingredients experts and manufacturers to help us remove potentially harmful toxins, chemicals and decisions from our lives - producing better products and taking consumer trust to new levels. 

“We’d love for this to begin a global movement of likeminded groups and individuals that seek better on every level.” 

We often get asked about our packaging choices and I’d like to share our decisions with you here, so you can feel comforted in knowing that when you purchase the Sakrid products, you are also choosing ‘good’.


Our tubes are made from PCR (Post-Consumer Resin) plastic.
After heaps of research, we landed with this option.  PCR plastic is essentially recycled plastic.  It feels right to be removing existing plastic from the environment and reusing it.  This not only significantly reduces waste but is a pointedly more environmentally sustainable for a number of reasons:

1. Bioplastics are made from marine or plant-based materials.  Although fully biodegradable and so low impact in terms of lasting waste, the negative impact is that a lot of land is required to grow the materials to use within the plastic.  This effects in-turn has a negative impact on the growth of food for human consumption.  The land we can use to grow crops to eat, is being shared with land used to grow crops to create packaging.  Furthermore, clearing land for the growing of these crops, along with the processes used to manufacture the ‘plastic’ emits harmful greenhouse gases, both of which negatively impact the environment and contribute to climate change.

2. Biodegradable plastics.  This is virgin packaging made from traditional petrochemicals that are designed to break-down more easily.  Although, they break-down quicker, this option is still adding more petrochemical plastic to the environment.  And somewhere along the journey of being used and breaking down, harm can occur to the environment and wildlife.

3. PCR (Post-Consumer Resin) Plastic.  This is recycled petrochemical based plastic and is fully recyclable.  According to sustainability expert, Marcus Gover, “If you recycle plastic rather than make it from oil, it saves about one tonne of CO2 for each tonne of plastic that’s recycled.”  Greenpeace have reported that recycling plastic also creates jobs. 10-200 times the jobs created by burning and burying.  So, it is also good for our economy!

There is plenty of plastic around and reusing this existing plastic means that it is less likely to end up on a landfill site or worse, in our oceans.  An increasing number of manufacturers that are able to utilise it and we actively encourage this. 

Glass Bottles

Glass is one of the most stable packaging types around.  Glass is also 100% recyclable, as well as being immediately reusable over a long period of time.

We have currently chosen to package our Moisturiser and Serum in a glass bottle.  However, we are researching alternative methods or return and refill options.

Delivery Boxes

Cardboard is biodegradable.  And the ink used on the printing on our boxes is run from vegetable-based ink toners.  In essence, that means you can either, reused the box to send a parcel yourself, or break-it down into smaller pieces and add it to your compost heap!

Packing Filler

We need to be able to ensure your products are secure during their journey to you so that they don’t become damaged. 

The packing chips we use are made from vegetable waste and are fully biodegradable.  They can be thrown into your compost bin, food waste bin or used as a garden winter insulator.  We scatter them around our delicate garden plants over the winter and as they break-down they also protect the plant from the frost!

Flyers, Stickers &
Packing Tape

Our flyers, stickers and packing tape are made from FSC paper (Forest Stewardship Council).  This means it is made from trees that are responsibly and sustainably sourced.  For every tree that is cut down to produce the paper-based material, 4-5 saplings are planted in its place.  Paper itself is a biodegradable material and will break-down over time.

When balancing this option against recycled paper, we chose this over recycled paper, as the process of making the paper useable again uses toxic compounds such as toluene, menthol and formaldehyde.  We are completely against the use of these compounds within our self-care products and likewise in the production of paper.

I really hope you found this information informative and enlightening.  Certainly, you can transfer all of this information across many elements of your everyday lives. 

We are incredibly conscious and take lots of time to read and research our choices.  If you have any further queries regarding our conscious supply chain or our choices.  Please email us at:



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