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Know Thyself, Love Thyself

Know Thyself, Love Thyself

In February we honour Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love.  This month I invite you to reflect on your love for yourself. 

Self-love is the greatest love of all. However, it is often the most difficult to embrace.  Modern society can lend a negative stigma to putting yourself first.  Your own needs, your own desires.  And yet, how can we possibly love others fully, if we are not able to love ourselves first? 

Learning to love our bodies, respect our minds and embrace our heart’s deepest desires is a gigantic step towards being grounded and present in any moment.  A gentle peace arises from the knowing yourself on a deep level.  Imagine calmly standing in your authentic self, feeling a deep sense of love and purpose without any need to feel overly assertive about it.  You just are what you are, and you love that…you love you…just the way you are. 

We all have our likes and dislikes.  You could probably name me 3 foods you love and those you detest on the spot!  You would most definitely be able to tell me your favourite ever book, song or movie.  But do you know what makes your mind and body truly feel love? 

In the past we have been taught that our own feelings should be second to those of others.  There is now a growing understanding that taking more notice of ourselves and a deeper care of our bodies and minds is infinitely important for our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as our sense of fulfilment.

I’m going to share my template with you to help you begin your self-love journey now.  Follow the steps with an open heart and mind:

  1. Head Release – What noise is there inside your head?
    Make a note here of all the worries, frustrations, confusions and restrictions that are whirring around inside your mind.  Is something holding you back?  Do you have negative beliefs about yourself?  Make a list of them all here.  They might be sentences or just single words.  There is no right or wrong.  Just let your mind release onto the page. 
  1. Access Your Heart – What are you grateful for?
    Right now, adding nothing and taking nothing away. List the good that exists in your life. 
  1. What do you value about yourself?
    List everything about yourself that you value. 
  1. What would you like to change about yourself to allow you to live a more authentic version of you? 

I hope that spending this time with yourself and enquiring more about who you are, you are able to find a deeper sense of who you are and what your own love means to you.

If you feel you want to delve deeper, in my sister circles we practice 'goddess touch'; a gentle and nurturing way to discover your own body and how it likes to receive your own touch.  Run your fingers over your arms, note how it feels.  Does your arm crave a lighter touch or more pressure?  You can explore your whole body and find so much more understanding of each and every area.

Relating all of this to our self-care routines.  How many of us have a quick bish, bash, bosh approach to looking after ourselves?  Taking care of our bodies, from the products we use, to the way in which we apply them should be a ritual, filled with care and considered choice.  A time to show your body love on the outside.  As frustrating as lockdown can be, we have all gained some time back from our daily commutes or school runs.  Use this time for you!  Take longer in the bath.  Leave a conditioning treatment in your hair to nourish it.  Give your face a gentle massage whilst applying your moisturiser.  You can’t possibly get this wrong as deep down, you have an instinct that no one else can for making your own heart happy. The possibilities are endless, and the love will flow!

Honour your love for yourself…always.


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