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Sakrid Guide to Clean Beauty: Achieve perfect glowing summer skin the natural way.

Sakrid Guide to Clean Beauty: Achieve perfect glowing summer skin the natural way.

During the warm summer months, it feels so good to have glowing, healthy looking skin.  But many of us make the mistake of trying to ‘create’ this look.  In the heat, less is most definitely more for your skin and by using only a few choice beauty items, you can protect and nurture your skin, whilst getting your glow on…effortlessly!


The number one rule for your body over the warm summer months is HYDRATE!  Our bodies require around 2 litres of water per day to function effectively.  When the heat is up, this increases to around 2.5 litres, or more if you are active.  The dehydration effects that our bodies experience without sufficient fluid are pretty horrid, from headaches and nausea to muscle cramps and bad mood and worse.  Not at all supportive of a bouncy, happy summer mood!  Furthermore, the appearance of our skin seriously suffers if there is not adequate fluid in the body for hydration and detoxification.

Think of water as the baseline of your beauty routine.  You always wear a moisturiser before applying foundation.  Drinking water comes before, during and after all of that!  It’s a game changer for your skin.

Summer Skincare
Next, let’s think about summertime skincare ritual.  During the warmer months, your skin should be allowed to breathe and sweat in order to keep pores clean and detoxified. 

Using natural products within your self-care routine, encourages your body to function most effectively as there are no nasty synthetic ingredients that can cause build up and clogging of pores. 

Cleanse & Exfoliate
Keep your skin clean by cleansing at the start and end of the day with a gentle cleanser.  Summer is a good time to perform gentle exfoliation as the skin is less exposed to harsh weather.  However, only do this once a week and be gentle.  Avoid the sun for the day when you exfoliate as your skin may be more sensitive. 

Use a light moisturiser that absorbs well and won’t feel heavy or sticky on your face in the heat.  Massaging your moisturiser into your face should take a 2-4minutes.  Not only does the massage stimulate and exercise your facial muscles, which helps to firm and tighten skin, it also gives your skin time to fully absorb the lotion or cream.  After a few minutes of massage, let your skin air dry for a further 2-3minutes.  This pause is so important for natural glowing skin.  So often we are in a rush to get ready and don’t give our skin chance to respond to our creams and lotions.  Before seeing what naturally occurs, we apply heavy make-up to ‘create a glow’ and we’ve lost the chance to embrace our natural beauty.  Pause, breathe and take in the lovely scent of your lotion.  Let the essential oils do their work and after a few moments your skin will be better prepared for the final touches.

Light Make-up
We all have areas of our face that we like to touch up.  It may be dark circles under the eyes or uneven skin tone on the cheeks or forehead.  But if you have followed my summer skin guide so far, you should already be experiencing a dramatic improvement in the way you skin appears naturally.  The combination of the hydrated skin and the moisturising ritual will go a long way to help improve the overall appearance of your skin.  This means that, when the weather is warmer, we can use lighter make-up to achieve our desired look.  I avoid foundation in the summer as I find it slippery and prone to caking on my skin.  It also ruins the summer glow that I have already achieved by following this routine.  I do use a natural light pressed powder on more oily areas of my face if needed.  And finally, a natural mascara.  A light layer over lashes helps to open your eyes and that is it! I sometimes wear a tinted natural lip balm for a pop of colour. 

Keep the glow when the heat is on!
There is a fine line between dewy summer glow and sweaty faced melt!  We all feel the heat from time to time and spraying a touch of natural rose water or aloe vera face spritz will help cool you down and restore calm to your face. 

Let me know how you get on – I love to receive emails from our Sakrid tribe.  Email me at: 

We make good products, using good ingredients, that are good for you and good for our planet. All good things - We are Sakrid.


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