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Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked

  • Since changing to more natural based products, I notice I am sweating more than normal. Is this okay?

    Absolutely! Sweating is one of the ways our bodies get rid of nasty toxins that are present. When you first make the switch from chemical and metal-based products your body may go through a process of ridding toxins. Chemical and metal-based products can cause the pores of the body to close and therefore toxins are not able to escape. Generally, this excess sweating is only temporary, and your body will find its natural balance again once fully detoxed. Continue using our products and within a few weeks you should find a nurturing balance.

  • Your shampoo doesn’t foam up as much as my previous high street brand. Is it still working?

    It most definitely is, in the most natural way. We use natural foamers within our products. Most high street brands that you are familiar with use synthetically formed foaming agents that guarantee the big, fluffy bubbles that you are used to. The trouble with these agents is that they are also incredibly harmful to your skin and the hormone balance within your body. We have been accustomed to the cosmetic marketing prowess over the years to believe that this foam makes us cleaner. This is incredibly misleading and not at all true. Our ingredients are hand-picked for their naturally antibacterial and cleansing properties. Our products effectively remove dirt and sweat build-up without causing you harm. Our suggestion is to work with nature and use our shampoo as a time to give yourself a loving head and scalp massage.

    Read our guide to the Top 10 Most Toxic Ingredients to Avoid for more information - found on Our Story and Product Pages.

  • Sakrid Superfood Frenzy serum liquid separates when it is left standing. Is this okay?

    Hell yes! We like to keep our products as natural as possible and if something doesn’t need to be present – we simply don’t add it. Separation of the ingredients is natural as we don’t add synthetic preservatives to force the ingredients to combine. We figure, giving the bottle a gentle shake before use is far better than exposing ourselves to potentially harmful ingredients..

  • My old face cream was SPF 15. Why is there no SPF in your face moisturiser?

    SPFs (Sun Protection Factors) that are added to beauty creams, lotions and make-up are generally synthetic and the reason for this is that they are man-made to ensure they do not affect the absorbency of the lotion. These man-made SPFs can be incredibly harmful to your body. In fact, some studies have found that the harmful effects of the SPF chemicals outweigh the damage potentially caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. Read our guide to the Top 10 Most Toxic Ingredients to Avoid for more information.

    There are many naturally occurring ingredients that provide a level of sun protection factor and where we can, we use these to help support your skins natural defences to the harmful effects of UV rays. Natural ingredients such as Non-Nano Zinc Oxide are a wonderful SPF but are non-absorbent and so will affect the absorbency of the cream, so we have decided against this for now.

  • I have recently started using the Sakrid facial products and I have spots appearing on my face. I haven’t had these since I was a teenager. Why is this?

    You are detoxing! Stick with it. Your body is clearing out all of the blocked pores. It generally takes the body a few weeks to detox and then you will be left with clear, clean skin.

  • Why do your products have a shorter shelf life than my previous brands?

    Because we don’t use synthetic and harmful chemical-based preservatives.

  • When will my sample sachets arrive?

    We have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the interest in our Sakrid products! We are working really hard to get every single package out. Due to massive demand from the UK, we are focusing on these first. If you live outside of the UK, we will keep you informed on our progress. We're excited to share our amazing products with you all!

  • I placed a pre-order for my Sakrid products. When will they arrive?

    Pre-ordered products are due to be dispatched from the week commencing 16/11/20. You will be sent tracking information on your delivery where possible. Not long to wait!